Trialling a new fleece scoring system at fleece shows

27 August 2021     British Alpaca Society

Trialling a new fleece scoring system at fleece shows

The current points allocation and assessment used in BAS Fleece Shows was written many years ago and has served BAS well but significant advancements in alpaca breeding together with greater knowledge and experience gathered over the years means a review would be sensible.

If the system is going to change it needs to be an improvement so the first step will be for the Judges to research and test alternative approaches to judging fleeces.

In support of this research some fleece show organisers have agreed that fleeces entered in their shows in 2021/2022 will be judged on the existing BAS methodology (and awards made on those results), but at the same time will also be judged on a trial methodology to enable the judges to evaluate the impact on points allocation and the performance of that methodology. Research of this kind is necessary before any changes are implemented (or not). BAS is certain that fleece judging must reflect current thinking and values.

Once the Judges have collected enough data and carried out an evaluation of that data, they will share their findings to a joint meeting of the Show Rules and Show Organisers Committee’s. The outcome of this will then be reported to the Board for consideration and, if deemed appropriate, further action.  The main findings will be shared with BAS members through the usual channels.

Important points for exhibitors:

  1. Fleeces will be judged, and points awarded in accordance with the current guidelines and point distribution, and this will be the basis of awards to fleeces. There will be no change to how your fleeces are judged and placed in the fleece show you have entered.


  1. The application of a revised judging method and points allocation will be for research purposes only, fully anonymised and for summary review by the Judges Committee. No individual results will be shared or published as they will be from research and as such are not valid for general distribution or sharing with exhibitors.


  1. There will be no additional handling of fleeces involved.


It is hoped that exhibitors will welcome this initiative and support it.