APHA fail in their duty of care to Geronimo

01 September 2021     British Alpaca Society

No-one could have failed to be repulsed by the way Geronimo was treated by the APHA officers who seized him.

Whilst we have to respect that they were carrying out their legal duties they completely failed in their duty of care towards Geronimo.

There was clearly no knowledge as to the best way to transport an alpaca or how to fit a halter on a semi-obligate nasal breather and as such we believe APHA have been negligent in allowing unnecessary suffering to Geronimo.

You must make sure the halter does not impact on the ability to breathe, by making sure the noseband is high enough,  and you never tie up an alpaca during transport because they prefer to lie down when travelling. Denying Geronimo that option will have cause major distress and risk the serious injury.

It is therefore the intention of BAS to file an official complaint to APHA, Christine Middlemiss, George Eustice, the Prime Minister and the BVA on the grounds of poor animal welfare.

We cannot and will not condone any act of cruelty, it is especially appalling when it is carried out by those responsible for animal welfare.

Duncan Pullar BAS CEO on behalf of the BAS Board

07496 578781  ceo@bas-uk.com