Regional groups

Regional groups

Do you want to know more about alpacas? Are you considering alpaca ownership? Or are you deeply smitten but don't want to take one home? Then why not join your local BAS regional group today.

The British Alpaca Society supports a national network of regional alpaca groups who meet on a regular basis to share experiences and knowledge, organise events and talk about the alpaca.

The BAS regional groups are autonomous self-help groups consisting of active BAS members in the given area. The groups also provide an invaluable forum for sharing expertise by organising workshops, lectures at shows and related alpaca events, the emphasis being always on self-help accessibility and local initiative. Each BAS regional group is invited annually to put forward representatives for the BAS National Committees on Showing, Welfare, Education, Media & Marketing and Fibre.

These groups are not exclusive and are open to all, providing an excellent opportunity to learn more about alpacas. Whether you are an owner, a prospective owner, or just interested in these fascinating animals, then your regional group will always make you welcome.

If you own unregistered alpacas and are not a member of the BAS then you should seriously consider joining. Get in contact with your local regional group and move towards bringing your alpacas into the safety of the BAS national network and inclusion into the national herd.



  • Scottish Alpaca Group - Covers Scotland

    Contact name: Pauline Robson


South West

  • Cornwall Camelid Association

    Contact name: Gary Sanders


  • Gloucestershire and Wiltshire

    Contact name: Helen MacDonald


  • South West Alpaca Group

    Contact name: Mark Steele


East Midlands

  • Derbyshire

    Contact name: Mrs Lesley Howard


  • East Midlands Alpaca Group

    Contact name: Carolyn Birch


  • Heart of England Alpaca Group (HOEAG)

    Contact name: Sue Keen


Northern England

  • North East and Borders Alpaca Group

    Contact name: Paul Shrimpton


  • North West Alpaca Group

    Contact name: Bev Morgan


South East

  • South East Alpaca Group

    Contact name: Vicki Agar


Southern England

  • Southern Region Alpaca Group

    Contact name: Karen Oglesby


West Midlands

  • West Shires Alpaca Group Covers North of the M4 including Shropshire/West to Welsh borders /East to Oxfordshire

    Contact name: Roger Mount


Lancashire & Yorkshire

  • Yorkshire Alpaca Group

    Contact name: Janet Brown


Northern Ireland

  • Northern Ireland Alpaca Group

    Contact name: Lee Kane


Eastern Counties

  • Eastern Alpaca Group

    Contact name: David Cooper


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