BAS produces welfare and husbandry DVD

31 July 2014

The BAS is launching a DVD on welfare and husbandry later in the year. The aim of the DVD is to improve the care of the alpaca population and to support the growing number of smaller herds, as well as smaller to mid-size breeders who are unable to offer starter courses when selling alpacas.

Topics covered on the DVD include:

  • Daily, weekly, quarterly and annual checks
  • Nutrition- feed types and supplements
  • Administering an oral drench-vitamins A,D&E and wormer
  • How to spot a sick alpaca, taking temperature
  • Body condition scoring and weighing
  • Environment, habitat, shelter and fencing
  • Correct halter fit
  • Basic herding and handling


The BAS would like to thank everyone who helped with  the DVD especially Dr Alex Mcsloy, a lecturer in large animal medicine at the Royal Veterinary College, Garry Naish, an experienced alpaca breeder and shearer and Rob & Shirley Bettinson for their hard work to make sure the DVD achieved its aims by allowing the use of their farm and animals.






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