URGENT - Your Alpacas are at risk

3 May 2014

If TB is diagnosed on the farm you bought your Alpacas from or on a farm, close to you, Defra are proposing to introduce the statutory right to enter your property, test the Alpacas and cull any positive reactors.
BAS do not have an issue with this as it brings us in line with other farmed species But…..  they propose using a combination of tests which risks culling unnecessary “false positive” alpacas-those who react to any one of the three tests but do not have the disease.  This is far more severe than the current cattle testing.  BAS are seeking a fairer test.

Please write to Defra and contact your MP Before 6th May

Suggested wording
“Please reconsider your choice of tests when investigating a TB breakdown in Alpaca. We insist that the ENFERplex test (which you have agreed with the BAS can be used in routine surveillance, pre-movement and export) be used in a breakdown as well. We are asking for consistency and fairness.”

Please forward the letter above to Defra at:  bTBengage@defra.gsi.gov.uk and cc  secretary@bas-uk.com (Your email to BAS is completely confidential. Sending a copy to us will allow us to quote the strength of the BAS membership response)
Or post it to DEFRA, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR


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