JG Animal Health specialise in nutritional supplements for all alpacas and camelids.

All of our products contain only the highest quality raw materials of known origin with particular emphasis on vitamin D3 & E, Selenium and Zinc to aid skin condition, help improve fibre and crimp quality and maintain health.

Premier Camelid Drench is a very high specification trace element / vitamin supplement to be given orally at three monthly intervals. Premier Camelid Bucket is formulated as a free access lick to allow each animal to be able to top up its mineral requirements. We would always advise that these buckets are used in a holder or tied up off the ground so no other animal can access. Premier Camelid mineral is designed to be mixed in with a non mineralised ration, again formulated with high quality raw materials.

Forage analysis service to help identify why your animal are not achieving their genetic potential.

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