Do you want your herd included in the Breeders Catalogue?

3 October 2016

The BAS are exhibiting at again at this year's Farm Innovation show to help promote the alpaca industry. This is our third year after getting lots of interest in alpacas on the two previous occasions we exhibited. The Board have decided to have a Breeders Catalogue printed which will be handed out at the show to all who are interested in alpacas. The Breeders Catalogue will list BAS breeders grouped by county, showing farm name and website address.

If you would like to be included in the Breeders Catalogue, please send an email no later than 17th October  to  to say ‘please include our contact details in the Farm Innovation Show Breeders Catalogue.

Any requests receieved after the 17th October will not be included in the breeders catalogue


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